Why The Detox Now?

Coach Gessie and Dr. Amun host THE DETOX NOW TABLE TALK WEBINARS.

This first titled WHY THE DETOX NOW was an intimate and candid conversation and Q&A about the NEW TheDeToxNow.com — what inspired their exclusive partnership, insights on their vision forward and a Q&A to address your questions about the new formulas, protocols and more.


  • 03:56 — Welcome
  • 08:20 — Coach Gessie’s Story
  • 11:53 — Dr. Amun’s Story
  • 16:31 — Origins of Hope Beyond Fibroids Elimination Program (HBFE)
  • 19:22 — Origins of The DeTox Now 14 Water Fast  to Accelerate Fibroids Elimination
  • 22:20 — Dr. Amun’s Role Co-founding His Previous Company
  • 22:26 — Results & Feedback on the Hope Beyond Fibroids Elimination Program
  • 26:27 — What Sparked Our Split & New Exclusive Partnership
  • 34:00 — Drivers for Updates to the Food List / Phytoestrogens & Estrogen Dominance
  • 35:12 — Good Estrogen vs Bad Dominance
  • 39:02 — Xenoestrogens & Estrogen Dominance
  • 40:52 — More Food List Changes
  • 47:50 — New Pricing
  • 48:13 — New Formulas
  • 51:00 — NEW BALANCE Program Testimony – 10cm Fibroid Eliminated On New Supplements


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