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We Want Independence from Fibroids!

The month of JULY has been designated as Fibroids Awareness Month in an effort to bring attention to a public health concern among women. Benign uterine tumors occur in the cavity, the muscle wall, or the surface of the organ, and affect anywhere from 60% to 80% of women, especially Black women. Uterine fibroids may be as little as a seed or as large as a melon.

The most astonishing part is most women don’t even know they have fibroids. They go most of their adult life without knowing or doing anything about it. Some women don’t experience any fibroid symptoms, and therefore go undiagnosed. While others who experience severe bleeding and cramping from the fibroids are too often told that heavy and painful periods are normal — especially for Black women. It is during a pelvic exam that a fibroid is often first detected. Several examinations may help verify a fibroid diagnosis; but for many … the symptoms speak louder and more clear than any examination could ever attest:

  • Heavy bleeding
  • Painful periods
  • Extreme cramping
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability in stomach
  • Urinating often
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Infertility
  • Constipation
  • And more …

While symptoms, size, and reproductive status all play a role in how fibroids are treated; they often respond to particular lifestyle changes, including diet, exercises and holistic remedies. This JULY for Fibroids Awareness Month we want to be FREE from Fibroids.

You can be free from fibroids without invasive surgery, and without a hysterectomy; for many we always hear, “a hysterectomy was the only option my doctor gave me.”

Almost all of the women telling me these experiences are African American.

Research has shown that while Caucasian women undergo hysterectomy for uterine cancer (entirely appropriate), African American women are more likely to undergo hysterectomy for benign fibroids.

How do we find FREEDOM?

We find freedom through healing our bodies from the inside out. FREEDOM is found in your LIFESTYLE CHANGE. FREEDOM is found in DETOXING YOUR BODY from the things that once held you bound: bad habits, bad energy, bad people, bad lifestyles. For instance choosing healthy foods and liquids can help prevent or manage many health problems that affect women, like fibroids. You can heal your body through natural foods.

Healthy eating means choosing different types including fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and proteins. Healthy eating also means not eating a lot of processed foods with added sugar, sodium and saturated and trans fats.

Women with symptomatic / uterine fibroids deserve to know all of their treatment options, not just the surgical ones.

Don’t be swayed by the false narrative people are telling you. YOU CAN BE FREE FROM FIBROIDS. The DeTox Now is here to support you. Sign up for one of our FREE CONSULTATION options so that we can learn more about you, your story and how we can help.

Be inspired by the testimonies of these FREE WOMEN!


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