You are currently viewing Water Fast to RESET Your Health #2

Water Fast to RESET Your Health #2

14-Day Water Fast, Fibroids & Miracle Babies – Session 2 | Coach Gessie + Dr. Amun

It’s time to RESET your health! This means t’s time to aggressively center our healing/health and arm our bodies against this crazy pandemic. Coach Gessie and Dr. Amun host the first of three RESET Zoom Sessions for those interested, preparing for, or already doing, their acclaimed The DeTox Now 14 Water Fast….

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  • 00:05:32 — Maureen’s TDN 30 Fruit Fast, Miracle Baby and TDN 14 Water Fast Testimonies
  • 00:57:44 — Sasha’s BALANCE Program Fibroids Testimony from 25 cm to less than 9.3 cm and counting!
  • 01:21:46 — Manasseh’s TDN 14 Water Fast Testimony at 70 years old!
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