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Throw Your Pink Salt Away, Now! The Truth About Pink Salt & Fibroids

Hey friends, it’s your favorite Health Activist again, Coach Gessie. I’m afraid I have some bad news. This one really hurts…Pink Himalayan salt! Recently, credible sources have confirmed that some brands are INDEED toxic and harmful.

The hidden dangers in pink salt are quite alarming… Turns out, it’s not nutritionally superior. Not only pretty to look at, but pink salt has been touted as having more minerals and micronutrients than regular white table salt. But a new study has debunked the idea that pink salt is better for you – with some pretty alarming findings.

In fact, according to Harriet Hall, M.D. of The Society for Science-based Medicine:

“Only about a quarter of the minerals in Himalayan pink salt are nutrients that the human body can or might be able to use. The other three quarters are not recognized as nutrients and would be better classified as contaminants. They have no known health benefits, and many of them are known to be harmful. The list includes many poisons like mercury, arsenic, lead, and thallium. Himalayan salt ingredients also include radioactive elements: radium, uranium, polonium, plutonium, and many others.”

But you know, I’ll never leave you without a solution to your problem.

Empty out your Pink Salt and switch to this ANCIENT SEA SALT linked HERE.

Now that you have a replacement, let’s unpack this further. Unfortunately, the study found that some Pink Salts contain the most dangerous metals & toxins including:

  • Mercury
  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Thallium
  • Radium
  • Uranium
  • Polonium
  • Plutonium

I can’t tell you what to do in your household, but I know this is CANCELED over here at The DeTox Now and in my home!

In fact—here’s the real deal: many women who struggle with fibroids often get screened and learn that they have extreme levels of endocrine disruptions toxins like lead and others.

Why does this matter? As we break down in our new book END FIBROIDS Manual + Guide, Endocrine Disruptors are one of the 7 ROOT CAUSES linked to fibroids!

And, outside of fibroids, these toxins could be hindering and playing a part in your overall poor health as a whole.

For instance, here are some lead poisoning symptoms:

  • Miscarriages & stillbirths
  • Reduced sperm count & motility
  • Uterine Fibroids
  • Anemia

Toxins are all around us. This is why the health of our detox systems is such an essential part of healthy living.

Detoxing is an involuntary process whereby our bodies rids themselves of toxins, or unhealthy substances, through 4 natural body functions: perspiration, respiration, urination, and defecation.

But the toxicity of our lifestyles and environments (driven by our diets — including things like Pink Himalayan salt, stress, beauty, cleaning and everyday pollutants) can slow down, and even disrupt, our body’s detoxification functions.

This opens the door to inflammatory conditions such as Fibroids, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and more and creates the need for us to RESET our bodies through FASTING.

The more we know the better we can live! Use your resources. Be sure to join our next FREE DETOX LIVING Group Session where we dive into The DeTox lifestyle and what that looks like for you personally!

If you’re ready to rid yourself of toxic ingredients then you should grab our new GYN RECOMMENDED book “END FIBROIDS Manual + Guide” NOW! It’s a MUST READ for anyone battling these monsters or supporting someone who is; or for anyone who wants to understand how these toxic ingredients, like pink salt, that we encounter every day, play a part in our overall health.

Once you understand the blueprint we detail and in the book and then participate in your group coaching session, you’ll have a greater understanding of which fast will work BEST for you!

Here is a breakdown of the fasts we offer to support you:

  • Juice Fast: an exclusive collaboration with Angela Yee, The DeTox Now Drink Fresh Juice Fast is the perfect way to rest and reset two of our key detox powerhouse organs – the digestive system and liver. This juice fast combines the power of Angela’s Daily Green Glow and Fresh G.A.L. (Ginger, Apple, Lemon) healthy, delicious, and portable juices with our specially formulated LIVER supplement and protocol—eliminating the barriers that too often hinder us from radically caring for our health—Difficulty, Taste, Time & Access!
  • Intermittent Fast: The DeTox 7 Intermittent Fast is a brief but effective detox/fast, which can be approached in one of two ways: intensely as a dry fast with the absolute abstinence from food and drink during daylight hours for seven whole days or mildly as an intermittent fast only eating within a specific six to eight-hour period.
  • Water Fast: The DeTox Now 14 Water Fast is our most aggressive cleanse for naturally eliminating fat, pathogens and toxins from the body. It involves abstaining from solid foods and liquids—except for the waters expressly prescribed—and the detox supplements. Intensive and powerful, this water fast requires the highest level of discipline over a period of 14 days. Effects and results are transformative and experienced quickly.
  • Fruit Fast: The DeTox Now 30 Fruit Fast is a rejuvenating way to eliminate fat, pathogens and toxins from the body. Less aggressive than our water fast, this cleanse leverages the power of anti-inflammatory whole fruits to detoxify the body over the course of 30 days.


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