Fibroids Activist

Coach Gessie

Partnered with

Celebrities Ricki Lake, Yandy Smith, Angela Yee & More

on #ShareTheMicNow Fibroids Summit in Support of Fibroids Awareness Month

July is Fibroids Awareness Month and Fibroids Activist Coach Gessie Thompson celebrated the last two weeks of July with her #ShareTheMicNow Fibroids Summit—INSPIRED by the acclaimed #ShareTheMicNow campaign created by Bozoma Saint John, Luvvie Ajayi Jones. Glennon Doyle and Stacy Bendet!

A survivor turned Nutritionist and founder of online wellness provider, Coach Gessie now helps women to reclaim their lives from the condition through lifestyles medicine including Nutritional Coaching, Stress Management and Trauma Healing and has partnered with influencers TV Host & Filmmaker Rick Lake, Activist & “Love & Hip Hop” star Yandy Smith, co-host of “The Breakfast Club” Angela Yee and Cognitive Neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf to provide keen insights on why the pandemic disproportionately plagues up 90% of Black women in the U.S. and millions globally.

Watch Coach Gessie on the Roland Martin Show


Click Images & Links Below For Session Recordings:

@CoachGessie + @TakeeshaWhite on their NEW FREE #DeToxLivingChallenge and the role of Stress/Trauma of Racism in Black Women disproportionately experiencing Fibroid and other inflammatory conditions

@CoachGessie + @Courageous_Sasha on Her Fibroids & Miracle Baby Story and their collaboration to create DeTox Baby Foods – a Truly Anti-inflammatory, Healthy Baby Formula

@CoachGessie + @TheSashaSimmons on How She Shrank Her 25cm Fibroid down to Less Than 9.3 cms Naturally on our HerElimination Program

@CoachGessie + @Blkwomenshealth President & CEO Linda Goler Blount on Work to Elevate Black Women’s Health – Including Their Partnership With AWHONN Association of Women Obstetric and Neo Natal Nurses. They’re building an anti-racism and provider bias curriculum for nurses and then for obstetricians.  

@CoachGessie + @SoyiniHawkinsMD GYN & Acessa Surgeon & on How This Uterine-Sparing Minimally Invasive Surgery is a Game Changer

@CoachGessie + @JennJohnsonWilliams on Her Fibroid Elimination & Acessa Story. There are many paths to your healing. Sometimes it combines holistic and traditional options. She talks about how our #HerElimination program saved her life and the Acessa procedure helped her put the icing on top in further advancing her journey!

@CoachGessie + @RobinWilson3807 on How She Eliminated a 7+cm Fibroid (size of a large apple) and #BirthControl almost killed her!

@CoachGessie + @RickiLake on The Free #DeToxLivingChallenge & “The Business of Birth Control” Upcoming Film

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