You are currently viewing Spoiler Alert: Your Pots and Pans Are Killing You!

Spoiler Alert: Your Pots and Pans Are Killing You!

Just when you thought you were getting comfortable in the kitchen and DeToxing your life, BOOM … the news breaks that almost all of the pots and pans in your kitchen are extremely hazardous and could be killing you.

If you want to protect your family from hormone disruption, nonstick cookware and bakeware should be removed from your kitchen. This might put a dent on the amount of time we all spend on the dishes – but your health is more than worth it!

Why Not To Use Non-Stick Pans?

Avoiding nonstick cookware protects your family from exposure to Polyfluoroalkyl Substance (PFAS). PFAS are a class of manmade chemicals used to make products grease proof, water-proof, stick-proof, and stain-resistant.

What Are PFAS Chemicals?

PFAS chemicals have been dubbed “forever chemicals”, because they are extremely persistent, lasting thousands of years. Every American tested has PFAS in their blood. PFAS chemicals pollute water, do not break down, and remain in the environment and people for decades.

That’s a problem because very small doses of PFAS increase the risk of a wide variety of health problems, including kidney and testicular cancer, liver problems, high cholesterol, and immunosuppression.

Is Teflon Safe Now?

Here’s where you have to be careful: the replacement chemical to PFAS found in Teflon has been deemed problematic by the Environmental Protection Agency. This is bad news for all the nonstick products you have in your kitchen. This means that pans and cookware that marketed themselves as “nontoxic” because they were PFOA-free weren’t exactly telling the truth about their replacement chemicals. Replacement nonstick chemicals that are marketed as “nontoxic” have demonstrated problems when seriously evaluated for health and human safety.

What is the Safest Cookware for Your Health?

  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Glassware
  • Ceramic

While you’re removing the toxins from your pots and pans, it’s great to move over to your other kitchen items like your utensils and throw away any toxic materials you may be using.

  • Trade out the plastic utensils — and request your food deliveries come with NO UTENSILS in your notes.
  • Ditch plastic tupperware
  • Stop using the microwave
  • Let go of the non-stick air fryers (made with teflon)
  • Avoid using Aluminum

Instead, switch to:

  • Wood spoons and utensils or stainless steel
  • Glass storage containers
  • Use your oven more — even for reheating
  • Opt for a stainless steel air fryer


The truth is, we can’t eliminate toxins in its entirety, it’s a part of the world we live in – literally in the air we breathe! But we do have the power to control the controllable by changing what we can to prevent further damage.

Pairing these easy DeTox Swaps with our His and Her PREVENTION Daily Kits to fight back against inflammation, hormonal imbalance, and Vitamin D deficiency is the surest offset over exposure to toxins and dangerous chemicals.

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