In today’s society we are programmed to survive. Times are hard, resources are limited and because of that many people suffer. While everyone experiences some form of anxiety in their life, or the feeling of being worried and overwhelmed, there are quite a few people that actually suffer from it.

What is Anxiety?

The logical component of this is that your body is overstimulated by trying to make sense of real and present danger. Your fears are literally in action when Anxiety takes over.

Anxiety is a reaction to stress; many of the symptoms are far greater than the cookie cutter ones we see plastered on pamphlets: sweaty palms, shakiness, and queasiness. It’s a mentality that many can’t shake: the constant racing mind, the unsettled feeling of uncertainty, the inconsistency with decision making, and extreme procrastination. It causes one to not meet the mark in everyday life, failing in work-life balance, falling behind on deadlines and more.

What is High-Functioning Anxiety?

According to the National Health Institute of Mental Health, about 40 million adults deal with an anxiety disorder at any given time, and approximately 18 percent of that population fall into the high-functioning category.

If this sounds like you, you might be dealing with high-functioning anxiety, a condition in which you experience the symptoms of anxiety referenced above, including persistent feelings of fear, unease, or worry, while still successfully managing all the demands of daily life.

Though Anxiety has been around for 2,000 years, the actual term Anxiety Disorder was coined in the 1980s. High-functioning anxiety isn’t a recognized clinical disorder but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

What are the Signs of High Functioning Anxiety?

Unfortunately, the symptoms often get swept under the rug:

On the outside you appear to be:

  • Worry free
  • Stress free
  • A perfectionist
  • Successful
  • Overachiever
  • Outgoing
  • Like you have it all together

But on the inside, you are:

  • Burned out
  • Battle insomnia
  • May have substance use disorder
  • Suffer from eating disorders
  • Have chronic conditions
  • Experience mental rage or racing


High-functioning anxiety is a tricky thing. It can feel as if it’s part of your genetic makeup. Sometimes, a person may feel like they were just ‘born this way.’ But the right awareness and support can help.

Anxiety can be associated with three preventable health issues: Hormonal Imbalance, Inflammation and Vitamin D Deficiency. Our HIS and HER PREVENTION Daily Kits and Medical Qigong Exercises with Dr. Amun (Video Stream) might be the help you need to alleviate the feeling of being bound by your high functioning anxiety.

You can be free again. We are here to help.

Take the step in finding yourself again by taking our 3-minute TDN Quiz to learn exactly what your body is lacking and how The DeTox Now can support you in making things better, forever.

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