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Coach Gessie + Release The Pressure Coalition on Heart Health Crisis & Free Heart Health Kits

I am among that 50% as I suffered a brain aneurysm in 2020 that was brought on by unchecked high BP.

Leading contributors of this outcome, and others, are that too many of us don’t understand, or have the tools to monitor our BP numbers at home.

This is why I’m collaborating with the Release the Pressure Coalition on a massive effort to ensure at risk Black communities nationwide have access to validated BP measurement devices (cuffs).

Our goal is to ultimately distribute 100K validated BP devices by 2027, while also working on policy initiatives aimed at increasing access and securing coverage of validated BP devices.

We’re in the process of developing our national strategy and getting the cost of validated BP devices underwritten. Soon we’ll be announcing upcoming events where BP devices will be distributed.

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