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The electric pHood™ all-natural system to support the body’s defenses against all viruses, minimizing the risk of severe acute and chronic respiratory diseases, syndromes and infections.

Washing your hands and social distancing is a great first line of defense, but what happens if the virus does get into your system.

Antibiotics, Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) will not protect or cure a virus. Lemon and ginger tea, although, a comforting beverage will not help stave off those pesky little crown-wearing viruses either.

So, what happens if your barriers are breached?

Well, your body now has to fight with all the tools it has.

Minimize Your Risk from Viruses with our Respiratory Virucide Protocol™ (RSVP™) – Stave off attempts from any virus to cling onto your body by boosting its natural defenses.


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