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Our BALANCE is a unique blend of organic herbs and all-natural ingredients that promote healthy hormone balance and enhance women’s vitality. Our advanced formula also supports a healthy metabolism, boosts energy levels, and enhances libido.

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What is BALANCE?

As women age, they may undergo hormonal changes that decrease energy, vitality, and sexual desire. To address this, BALANCE is a liquid formula that’s easy to use and contains a unique blend of ingredients designed to support normal hormone balance, female vitality, and libido. This formula can help energy levels, increase stamina, and alleviate PMS symptoms such as heavy bleeding, cramping, hormonal acne, weight gain, bloating, and stomach pain. It can also ease pre-and post-menopausal symptoms like dry skin, hot flashes, night sweats, hair loss, and vaginal dryness while boosting natural sexual drive. BALANCE is free of GMOs and gluten. Each two-ounce bottle of BALANCE lasts for 30 days when used as directed, and has a great taste.

Certified Organic Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Black Haw Bark, Schisandra, Cramp Bark, Motherwort, Shepherd Purse, Alfalfa, Ashwagandha, Damiana

Health Benefits of Balance

BALANCE’s efficacy comes from a powerful blend of raw herbal extracts containing potent ingredients.

Helps with hormone support.

Your age, lifestyle, diet, and sleeping habits can all affect your hormone levels. To help balance your hormones, BALANCE contains a mix of high-quality herbs, including Raspberry Leaf.

Helping to Make Changes.

As women get older, you often experience a marked reduction in energy levels, sexual energy, and overall well-being. BALANCE provides nutrition to even out these changes.

Achieving Better Confidence.

Add balanced exercises to your daily routine to improve self-esteem and prevent negative outcomes associated with aging. BALANCE can help boost confidence.

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  1. J

    Jacolyn (verified owner)

    This stuff works! I was skeptical about getting because it didn’t have many reviews but I decided to try because of the platforms I have seen her on. I went to the doctor and had a fibroid, a cyst and dermoid cyst. I ordered Balance April the 12 and had my results May 16. The report said that my cyst is gone, my fibroid was half a cm smaller and the dermoid stayed the same and has not grown.

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