Sasha Simmons

She Used her HSA Benefits, Shrunk Her 25CM Fibroid Down to Less...

Rahisha Wright

She Shrunk + Eliminated Fibroids During & After Pregnancy & Had A...

Thaleigh Swain

She Balanced Her Hormones, Reversed Her Endometritis & Is 7 Months Pregnant

Joanita Nattu

She Shrunk Her Fibroids — Largest from 18 to 8CMS — And...

Paris Guy

She Tamed Her Degenerating Fibroid, Had a Zen Pregnancy & Healthy Miracle...

Teashia Coleman

She Got off Birth Control, Shrunk Her Fibroids & Now Enjoys the...

Jasmine Bailey

She Used Her HSA/FSA Benefits, Balanced Her Hormones & Now Enjoys the...

She Eliminated A 10CM Fibroid In 4 Months On THE BALANCE + MASS KIT


Showing all 3 results

Showing all 3 results

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