The DeTox Now: New Partnership Announcement

With each year and testimony, we have grown more passionate about this work and our mission to HELP YOU HEAL.  Driven by this vision in a world battling the triple pandemic of CORONAVIRUS, ECONOMIC CRISIS and SYSTEMIC RACISM, we have been working in the background to radically improve our products and services in ways that make them more accessible and affordable to you.

To that end, we are thrilled to announce our new exclusive partnership with Dr. Amun to upgrade and enhance the herbal supplements and protocols of our detoxes, kits, meal plans and programs.  Not only does this partnership allow us to improve our formulas, but it has also allowed us to streamline our processes in ways that bring the incredible benefit of reducing our prices – in some cases up to 50%!

We love you and we’re so excited about all the changes we have planned to support you in experiencing DETOX LIVING—Life Free of Toxic Thoughts, People, Habits & Foods!

— Coach Gessie & Dr. Amun