You are currently viewing May Takeaways: How Mental Health Impacts Reproductive Health and More

May Takeaways: How Mental Health Impacts Reproductive Health and More

The relationship between stress and infertility has been debated for years. Women with infertility report elevated levels of anxiety and depression, so it is clear that infertility causes stress. What is less clear, however, is whether or not stress causes infertility.

Infertility is often a silent struggle. Patients who are struggling to conceive report feelings of depression, anxiety, isolation, and loss of control. Depression levels in patients with infertility have been compared with patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. It is estimated that 1 in 8 couples (or 12% of married women) have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy.

Despite the prevalence of infertility, the majority of infertile women do not share their story with family or friends, thus increasing their psychological vulnerability. The inability to reproduce naturally can cause feelings of shame, guilt, and low self-esteem. These negative feelings may lead to varying degrees of depression, anxiety, distress, and a poor quality of life.

For many women who feel they can’t share their truth with their community, they often bottle up their emotions and carry the load within themselves. This leads to ample amounts of irritability, frustration, and can often shift the dynamic of our relationships.

Enough is enough.

At The DeTox Now we are working on offering hope to those struggling with stress and anxiety. We know it is the number one cause of disease.

Reproductive health, and the struggle of infertility for many, is a life crisis affecting people from all around the world. Infertile patients experience a tremendous amount of emotional turmoil as the result of their diagnosis. The risk of depression, anxiety, and distress is high for infertile patients.

This often becomes taboo in our community, making it a silent cry for help. We must be our own resource. We must save ourselves by prioritizing our well-being in a natural way that won’t compromise fertility or mental wellness.

This is why at The DeTox Now we are focused on formatting more natural supplements that promote calmness and suppress stress, and anxiety. You should not have to be overcome by stress while family planning. You should be able to navigate through the process with some form of peace, through natural remedies that can calm your body.

Studies show the further into family planning treatment patients go, (ie. IVF treatments etc), the more often they display symptoms of depression and anxiety. Patients with one treatment failure had significantly higher levels of anxiety, and patients with two failures experienced more depression when compared with those without a history of treatment. However, it has also been shown that the more depressed the infertile woman, the less likely she is to start infertility treatment and the more likely she is to drop out after only one cycle. Researchers have also shown that despite a good prognosis and having the finances available to pay for treatment, discontinuation is most often due to psychological reasons.

The bottom line is: we are suffering. For many of us, a diagnosis of infertility can be a tremendous burden for patients. The pain and suffering of infertility patients is a major problem. Patients must be counseled and supported as they go through treatment.

Most importantly, women on their journey should feel supported. If you are just starting your family planning journey, struggling with fertility, or just want to get your wellbeing on a better track, you need to join us for our next FREE Group Coaching session so that we can start your journey to better. As we introduce new supplements for stress and anxiety, we will also introduce new opportunities to help you cope through your process of healing and restoring yourself as you prepare for motherhood.

You are not alone in this fight sis, we are here with you and for you. There are several supplements that can truly support you on your journey. Like our BALANCE Supplement that ensures your are hormonally balanced along with our Pre + Post Natal Kit that positions your body to support you and nurture yourself and your miracle baby when he or she arrives.

  • Helps prevent Iron deficiency (Anemia)
  • Provides Nutrition and Nutrients vital on the maternal continuum from pregnancy through postpartum and lactation
  • Helps ease morning sickness
  • Facilitates the absorption of Calcium and Phosphate
  • Boosts Fertility and Egg Quality
  • Improves Sperm quality and function
  • Prevents problems with the delivery of Sperm
  • Regulates Ovulation & Menstrual Cycle and prevents ovulation disorders
  • Prevents Fallopian tube damage

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