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Infertility: The Black Woman’s Nightmare

We all have it figured out: first comes love, then comes marriage, but for many of us that’s followed by years of longing for the baby carriage with failed attempts and heartbreak.

This is a reality that is more common than not, especially in the Black community.

Studies show that Black women are twice as likely to struggle with infertility opposed to white women; and only seek fertility treatment less than half as much. Black women are also far less likely to talk to someone about their struggles with fertility. It is clear there is a stigma in the Black community, attached to infertility forcing many women and couples to suffer in silence.

Black women are suffering and it’s not going anywhere if we don’t speak up and advocate for ourselves.

Why are Black women suffering?

  • There is stress and trauma that is deeply rooted in the history Black women have with racism and sexism. Although slavery was legally abolished over 150 years ago, it still directly affects us. The health factors Black people, especially Black women experience are a direct result of systemic oppression resulting in racism and sexism.
  • Multitudes of studies reveal that environmental stressors play a significant role in how our bodies function and our ability to carry our pregnancies to term.
  • Other contributing factors include pre-existing medical conditions, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and our ability to access health care to optimize our health prior to pregnancy.
  • Infertility treatments are also very expensive, and this creates sometimes seemingly insurmountable barriers to access. This alone makes circumstances much harder for women in our community.

For those of us who don’t have private insurance and we obtain our insurance through the government, then it doesn’t cover those treatments at all. In fact in many cases the option for fertility treatments won’t even be presented to Black women due to racial biases on whether or not the provider “thinks” you can afford it.

In the world we live in where people are often counted out, it’s time to be our own resource and voice. The DeTox Now offers non-traditional methods for ensuring your body is balanced to conceive, carry, grow, and nurture your rainbow baby to life. Our BALANCE Daily + MASS Kit is ideal for those seeking to balance their hormones and help their bodies prevent the return of fibroids and other reproductive issues, this kit includes the pairing of our two most acclaimed supplements – BALANCE and MASS — and END FIBROIDS and BALANCE Daily Meal Plans.

Conceiving your beautiful blessing can be tricky, especially if you’re battling with infertility. We want to affirm you and remind you that you are deserving of all the desires of your heart. Our FERTILITY Kit is designed to give you the support you need on your journey in conceiving your child.

Once you’re pregnant, our PRE + POST NATAL Kit will support you in carrying your child, birthing your child, and nurturing your child postpartum.

Most people think that Prenatal care is only for the baby, but Prenatal care is for the mother’s health to replenish what the baby is taking and help keep the mother healthy during the fetal development stage. To provide the fetus with nutrients, the mother must have nutrients to give.

Our PRE+POST NATAL Kit features the powerful collective of our Prenatal, Iron and D3 herbal supplements.

Don’t believe us? Read the reviews for yourself:

“I was told that it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to have children because of the size of fibroids I had, the largest was 18 x 10cm. I started the Balance Kit but never went for a checkup ultrasound. A few months after I found out I was pregnant and had to stop the treatment. When I had my first ultrasound the fibroids had shrunk, the largest one was now 10 x 8cm. I have since had my baby ( perfectly healthy and strong) but will be resuming treatment to get rid of these fibroids along with scar tissue after having a C-section. If you’re thinking about getting these products please do, they really do work.”

  • Helps prevent Iron deficiency (Anemia)
  • Provides Nutrition and Nutrients vital on the maternal continuum from pregnancy through postpartum and lactation
  • Helps ease morning sickness
  • Facilitates the absorption of Calcium and Phosphate
  • Boosts Fertility and Egg Quality
  • Improves Sperm quality and function
  • Prevents problems with the delivery of Sperm
  • Regulates Ovulation & Menstrual Cycle and prevents ovulation disorders
  • Prevents Fallopian tube damage

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