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Healthy Women Are Made By Healthy Mothers

The journey to motherhood begins long before conception takes place. It starts with the health and wellness of women who wish to become mothers. The concept that healthy women are raised by healthy mothers underscores the crucial importance of preparing the body for pregnancy well in advance. This preconception phase is a pivotal time for women to optimize their health, address potential fertility issues, and create an environment that supports a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

Importance of Pre-Pregnancy Preparation

Pre-pregnancy preparation is a vital step for women who are planning to conceive. It offers an opportunity to address any underlying health issues, optimize nutritional status, and promote overall well-being. By taking proactive steps before pregnancy, women can potentially reduce the risk of chronic health-related complications and fertility issues, and ensure a healthy and successful pregnancy.
Prioritizing pre-pregnancy preparation is essential for women embarking on the journey to conceive. Of particular importance is the focus on heart health, as it stands as the foremost complicating factor impacting maternal deaths. Addressing heart-related issues before pregnancy can significantly mitigate the risks and complications associated with maternal health. By paying attention to heart health, including lifestyle modifications, regular exercise, a balanced diet, and seeking medical guidance, women can effectively reduce the likelihood of complications during pregnancy. Recognizing the pivotal role of heart health in maternal well-being underscores the significance of preconception care and empowers women to embark on their pregnancy journey from a position of strength and optimal health.

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Fasting and Creating a Healthy Environment

Fasting has been recognized as a practice that offers numerous health benefits, including promoting cellular repair, hormonal balance, and metabolic regulation. Engaging in periodic fasting before conception can help create an optimal environment for pregnancy by reducing chronic inflammation, balancing insulin levels, and supporting hormonal health. It can also contribute to weight management and improve overall metabolic health, all of which are essential for fertility and a healthy pregnancy.

Supportive Supplements for Pre-Pregnancy Health

In addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle, supportive supplements can play a crucial role in preparing the body for pregnancy. Targeted supplementation with key nutrients such as folate acid, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and other essential vitamins and minerals can help address potential deficiencies and optimize maternal health. These supplements can support reproductive health, hormone balance, and overall wellness, providing the foundation for a successful pregnancy journey.

The DeTox Now’s Her & His Fertility Kits

Why is this important if you are considering conceiving? To aid women and men in their pre-pregnancy preparation journey, The DeTox Now offers the following Her and His Fertility Kits tailored to support optimal hormonal health and conception:

Her Fertility Kit

  • This kit is specifically designed to support reproductive health, balance hormones, and promote fertility.
  • It includes targeted supplements formulated to enhance fertility, regulate menstrual cycles, support ovulation, and create an optimal environment for conception.
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By incorporating these kits into pre-pregnancy preparation, women can take proactive steps to optimize their health, address potential fertility issues, and create the ideal foundation for a healthy and successful pregnancy.


The importance of pre-pregnancy preparation cannot be overstated. By focusing on optimal health, engaging in fasting practices, and integrating supportive supplements, women can create an environment that fosters fewer health-related issues and fewer fertility roadblocks when trying to conceive. The DeTox Now’s fasting and Her and His Fertility Kits offer comprehensive support to address the unique needs of pre-conception health, empowering women to embark on their journey to motherhood with confidence and vitality.

As you take on this new chapter in life, we here at The DeTox Now must remind you that motherhood looks different for everyone, but regardless the fact remains that if you focus on making the mother healthy, then every woman after her will be healthy as well. Here’s to healthy women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. Take full advantage of celebrating the woman and mother in your life with 20% off all women’s health Fasts, Kits, and Supplements. Need direction? Take our Free Quiz at

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