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Fibroids Survivor + Fibroids Slayer Partner to End the Suffering

The Founder of—Coach Gessie and Board Certified Gynecologist Dr. Pierre Johnson known as The Fibroid Slayer have partnered to support women in ending their suffering from fibroids through a revolutionary integrative approach.

Known for her work in supporting women manage fibroids naturally, Coach Gessie appeared on “Way Up with Angela Yee” in May of 2023 with client Natarsia Joye who shared her MRI-documented testimony of shrinking her fibroid using the acclaimed holistic support of The DeTox Now FIBROIDS Kit. Natarsia shared that she had previously had a myomectomy in 2015 and her doctor was recommending another myomectomy or a hysterectomy. She did not want to proceed with either and chose to fully commit herself to our The DeTox Now FIBROIDS Kit protocol.

This week Coach Gessie went back on the nationally syndicated iHeart Radio show to share with hosts Angela Yee and her co-host Jasmine Brand of “The Jasmine Brand” that “Natarsia was incredibly successful healing her fibroids holistically but her plan is not the right or desired plan for everyone. We believe that truly holistic health is integrative — this means we combine the best of traditional and holistic practices — to help our clients achieve their healing in the way that best supports them and their needs.”

One of the ways Coach Gessie is doing this is by partnering with world class physicians to integrate both traditional medicine with holistic support to help women achieve the best outcomes possible for their case.

First Partnership Announced

The first partnership she has announced is with record-breaking, world-class minimally invasive surgeon Dr. Pierre Johnson — affectionately known as Dr. P and named the Fibroid Slayer by his patients. He earned that moniker because of his matchless skill and commitment too helping women conquer their fibroids. Unmatched in his level of skill, the current Guinness Book of World Records published on February 27, 2022 that the world record for the number of fibroids removed in one surgery was 236 in India in a surgery that took place October 6, 2021. Far surpassing that, Dr. P, removed 304 fibroids on September 6, 2023 from a patient and preserved her uterus, while using a smaller version of her original horizontal incision!

This is ground breaking evidence of his commitment to remove ALL the fibroids so that no small ones are left to grow. He also works very meticulously and diligently to minimize the scar tissue that can cause future complications like small bowel obstructions. Coach Gessie said “We’re elated about Dr. P providing world-class surgery with unmatched precision to help our clients who need, or want it, to reclaim their lives from fibroids.”

Dr. P joined Coach Gessie on “Way Up with Angela Yee” and shared his excitement about the partnership. He said “Not all fibroids need to be surgically removed and living healthy is critical not just for helping prevent fibroids but it’s also important for all health issues. After surgery, my patients always ask me what they can do to prevent the return of fibroids. I usually tell them to focus on being healthy but I’m happy to now connect them with Coach Gessie and her team at The DeTox Now to help them follow an anti-inflammatory prevention plan to help them achieve the best long-term results.”

A Focus On Prevention Of Surgical Complications

Coach Gessie is very passionate about PREVENTION post-op. Having personally undergone five small bowel surgeries from complications from her five fibroids surgeries, she shared that this caused her to develop a long-term chronic gut issue that I have to navigate every day of her life for the rest of my life and that it all was caused by the scar tissue from her fibroid surgeries.”

She continued that she recently had acclaimed Gastroenterologist Dr. Rajiv Sharma on her DETOX LIVING with Coach Gessie IG Live series and podcast about this issue and the headlines of their chat were:

  • The body forms scar tissue in response to surgical incisions, infections and injury. Once you have a surgery, the organs or tissues within the body stick (adhere) to other internal surfaces. Adhesions develop as the body attempts to repair itself. This normal response occurs after surgery, infection, injury (trauma) or radiation. Adhesions may appear as thin sheets of tissue similar to plastic wrap, or as thick fibrous bands.
  • EVERY c-section, myomectomy, hysterectomy, tummy tuck, bariatric surgery, and any other abdominal surgery puts you at risk for a bowel obstruction (that could be deadly) for the rest of your life.
  • EVERY surgical incision — even if minimally invasive — comes with the lifetime risk of scar tissue complications like small bowel obstructions.
  • Women don’t usually realize that constipation — or slowed bowels post surgery (even years later) — is a sign that you may have scar tissue constricting your small intestines.
  • Even once you’re in the clear short term after your surgery, these adhesions/scar tissue can undergo what is called abnormal tissue proliferation — abnormal / radical growth — and wrap around other organs and cause major damage YEARS later.
  • Also, one of the bombs Dr. Rajiv shared was that scar tissue can not be monitored by any kind of scan but that it can only be checked by a laparoscopic procedure or being opened up — both which require incisions, which causes more scar tissue.

Coach Gessie shared that this is what drove the creation of The DeTox Now PREVENTION Daily Kit. It tackles three preventable health issues that can help the body restrict the radical growth or restriction of scar tissue and even improve it. The three preventable health issues addressed this kit are:

  • Vitamin D Deficiency—Our Certified + Tested D3 formula boasts a 5,000IUs per dose and unlike other Vitamin D supplements, it is made from the most bioavailable form of Vitamin D called Cholecalciferol.
  • Hormonal Imbalance—Our BALANCE supplement helps the body balances hormones and regulate Estrogen Dominance.
  • Chronic Inflammation—Our MASS supplement helps the body control levels of chronic inflammation by strengthening the immune system.

How Does The Partnership Work?

  • Start Your Healing Revolution: Find Your Personalized Path to end Fibroids suffering by taking the Free Quiz at
  • For those who need/want surgery or have already had surgery: The recommended plan include a consult with Dr. P to evaluate their case and schedule surgery. Following the surgery, the focus will be post-op recovery and prevention of future fibroids and surgical complications like small bowel obstructions with the holistic support of The DeTox Now’s team and their Her PREVENTION Kit.
  • For those who want to avoid surgery and don’t need it: The recommended plan will continue with a consultation with The DeTox Now Team to work with each woman to determine the right plan to help them end their fibroid suffering with The DeTox Now’s FIBROIDS Kit.

Those who have had any kind of abdominal surgery, can grab the PREVENTION Daily Kit at 25% off with CODE PREVENT25 while supplies last. Don’t know what’s right for you, take their Free Quiz at

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  • Control levels of inflammation
  • Target inflammatory proteins
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Address oxidative stress
    Improve menstrual cycles by relieving Fibroid and PMS symptoms including:
    • heavy bleeding
    • menstrual cramping
      pain (muscle ache, backache, and headache/migraines)
    • bloating
    • water-weight gain
    • breast tenderness
      irritability and mood swings
  • Regulate Estrogen Dominance and promote overall hormonal balance
  • Amplify libido and energy levels
  • Promote a healthy metabolism and restful sleep
  • Maintains normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus
  • Helps regulate the immune and neuromuscular systems
  • Facilitates in the absorption of calcium
  • Maintains strong bones
  • Mental clarity and sharper memory

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