A division of parent company DETOX LIVING, THE DETOX NOW is the name of our online integrative wellness platform and our call to action inviting you to optimize your health through the holistic lifestyle we call DETOX LIVING — a LIFE FREE OF TOXIC THOUGHTS, PEOPLE, HABITS & FOODS!


Founded by Fibroids Survivor turned Nutritionist Coach Gessie Thompson in partnership with Dr. Amun and his company Herbal Healing Co., we are a black and woman-owned company working to intentionally eliminate the health equity gap by educating and empowering BIPOC women and families with resources, detoxes, herbal supplements, programs, coaching and a community support system that helps heal and prevent inflammatory conditions such as fibroids, diabetes, high blood pressure, infertility, endometriosis and more.

Herbal Healing Co., founded by Naturopathic Specialist and Master Herbalist Martin “Dr. Amun” Benjamin, is the exclusive provider of supplements formulated for The DeTox Now fast and program protocols.

Herbal Healing Co.’s (HHC) science-backed formulations incorporate the highest quality of ingredients sourced from trusted growers for efficacy and purity. Each HHC formula is developed by our collective team with expertise in herbalism, chemistry, biology, naturopathy, and food as medicine and formulated with science, wisdom, and taste. All HHC products are designed to address women's hormonal issues including reproductive conditions like Fibroids, Endometriosis, POCS, Infertility, and much more.

Absolutely! Both DeTox Living and Herbal Healing Co. have a zero-tolerance policy for impurities. All Herbal Healing Co. products are formulated with superior, science-backed ingredients that are proven to help achieve optimal health outcomes. Our ingredients and final products ensure purity, potency, consistency, and efficacy in every drop. All products are also organic, non-GMO, vegan, and free of dairy, sugar, and gluten.

Our supplements are to be taken 2 to 3 times per day; we recommend first am, lunchtime, and in the evening five minutes before, during, or after your meal. We recommend that they are taken simultaneously (at the same) to reduce the amount of time you spend per dosage and the strain on your jaw muscles. Hold them under your tongue for 30 seconds and then swallow.

Like most herbal compound formulas, supplements should be incorporated into your daily routine—like you would any vitamin. While some people feel the effects immediately, the benefits of consistent dosing will compound with use and work to support overall health. If you have any questions regarding how to use the products or more, please review the recommended dosage on the bottle, register for our DeTox Living Free Weekly Group Consultation at TheDeToxNow.com/CONSULT, or reach out to our support team at support@thedetoxnow.com.

Administration through direct absorption into the mouth under the tongue provides an advantage to the herbal medication you swallow. Sublingual formulas go into effect more quickly because a portion of the nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the glands under the tongue before the rest is swallowed and travels through your stomach and digestive system.

The 2oz bottles will last approximately 30 days and the 4oz approximately 60 days.

All the supplements are pregnancy safe except Balance & Conceive. Nonetheless, we recommend you eat from the DETOX LIVING MEAL PLAN while pregnant to get all the healthy fats.

All our supplements can be taken during pregnancy and after.

The supplements last for two years from the purchase date. For the supplement storage, we recommend that you either refrigerate or keep them in a cool place after opening for longer shelf life.

Yes, all our ingredients are organic.

All our supplements except Mass & Endo are alcohol-free.

If you need to exercise during the fasting period, we recommend light exercises such as walking (at the park preferably), yoga, and Pilates.

We currently don't have any direct insurance coverage. However, our customers can use the HSA/FSA card or deduct it from their taxes as medical expenses in many cases.

Yes. Simply mix two or more of our supplements with water and enjoy! The only exception is the supplement D3, which should be taken alone.

We recommend that you adhere to protocols in the manuals if you wish to have consistent results from your fast.

Follow the Balance Meal plans in this order: Transition > Elimination > Regeneration.

he eBooks for your order are sent immediately when you order, inside your order confirmation email via download link. You can also download the files from your customer account by logging in to https://thedetoxnow.com/my-account/

The DeTox Now and Dr. Amun previously worked in partnership with Amsu “Dr. Amsu” Anpu and Electric pHood. However, as of January 2021, they are no longer affiliated with them in any way. United by their collective vision to radically improve products and services available on TheDeToxNow.com in ways that make them more accessible and affordable, Coach Gessie and Dr. Amun separated from the aforementioned parties due to philosophical and value differences and launched their new exclusive partnership to upgrade and enhance the herbal medicine (supplements) and protocols of The DeTox Now fasts, kits, meal plans, programs and more. https://thedetoxnow.com/new-partnership/

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