Available for both nationwide Telehealth & In-Person consults in the New York City area.

Dr. Peggy Roberts is the founder of Trust Women’s Healthcare in Brooklyn, NY and also provides telehealth services for our clients requiring a completed Medical Necessity Form to use their Health Savings or Flexible Savings Account benefits in connection with our healing programs at TheDeToxNow.com. A physician  a doctoral prepared, board certified, New York licensed Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. She has spent over a decade caring for women of all ages. She has extensive experience in preventative medicine for women, high risk pregnancies, sexual medicine and aesthetics. 

Dr. Roberts’ passion and dedication to providing the utmost care to women has led her to opening her own practice, Trust Women’s Healthcare. From a thorough well woman visit to best practice aesthetic medicine, Dr. Roberts provides personalized care and complete professionalism.  

Prior to founding Trust Women’s Healthcare, Dr. Roberts holds both Bachelors and Master of Science degrees and received her training from the largest health system in the New York tri-state area. Dr. Roberts has received extensive training in obstetrics, gynecology, minimally invasive procedures and aesthetics. 

Dr. Roberts serves on the board of The Nurse Practitioner Association of New York, an active member of the Nurse Practitioner Women’s Health Association. 

In addition to caring for women, Dr. Roberts is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Hofstra University. She is regularly invited to lecture at speaking engagements and present her expert opinion to diverse media outlets.