Martin Benjamin, often referred to as Dr. Amun, makes it his mission to improve lives through a clear understanding between the relationship between food and disease. After studying Medical Physiology at Kings College London. His commitment and dedication to saving lives stem from the fact that 99% of health conditions can be tied to either food, lifestyle choices, or both. Dr. Amun’s journey to healing others has taken him across the globe and allowed him to connect with some of the world’s most powerful professionals, including Coach Gessie with whom he partnered with to create All of his insight and knowledge is enabling him to help those who other doctors may have written off because of the severity of their problems. Dr. Amun is also the founder of Dr. Amun Herbal Supplements — the exclusive provider of supplements formulated for The DeTox Now fast and program protocols.  Learn more about him, read his blog and check out the products he has created for male health at