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Are You Dealing With Anxiety & Insomnia?

Let’s shine a spotlight on maternal mental health and the impact it has on our society today. Here’s the thing: no one is immune! Women of every culture, age, income level and race can develop perinatal mood and anxiety disorders after having a child. It’s time that we draw more attention to essential mental health concerns that mothers and families endure. Life changes around pregnancy make women more vulnerable to mental illness. The negative cycle of mental illness impacts a woman’s ability to function and thrive especially as her new role in motherhood. This may also directly affect her child(ren), with long-lasting physical, cognitive and emotional outcomes. Here are the facts:
  • Worldwide, as many as 1 in 5 women experience some type of perinatal mood and anxiety disorder (PMAD).
  • Estimates are that 7 in 10 women hide or downplay their symptoms. Without understanding, support, and treatment these mental illnesses have a devastating impact on the women affected and on their partners and families.
  • Perinatal mood disorders affect the entire family. Many people don’t realize that about 1 in 10 dads develop depression during this time.
  • It is estimated that 20 – 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage or stillbirth. In addition to grief, many of these women also experience postpartum depression. (source: )
For many, this mental state can show signs as early as any time during pregnancy and the first 12 months after childbirth. Women are sometimes considered to be criminals instead of patients needing treatment, in the case of infanticide. The DeTox Now has witnessed first hand the turmoil a woman can endure while family planning, trying to conceive, struggling through reproductive health concerns, and fertility. We know the trauma that families experience and this is why we have said, enough is enough. While we offer Pre + Post Natal Kits to help an expecting mom ensure she has the proper nutrients to grow and nurture a baby, we also want to ensure that mom has the proper balance needed to foster mental clarity while adjusting to the new roles and responsibilities motherhood brings. That’s why we are doing our research, led by our own naturopathic specialist and Certified Master Herbalist Martin “Dr. Amun” Benjamin in his state-of-the-art lab where we developed The DeTox Now supplements. The focus is to find the balance between all of the roles and stressors of womanhood and clarity for our overloaded, overstimulated and overflowing mental plate. Mental health problems are widespread because people’s lives have become more complicated than ever. The results are skyrocketing anxiety rates. Studies show, an estimated 19.1% of U.S. adults had an anxiety disorder in the past year. Past year prevalence of any anxiety disorder was higher for females (23.4%) than for males (14.3%). The goal is to reduce stress symptoms, improve focus, and aid burnout recovery. Give us your feedback: is this a supplement you would be interested in? What are your concerns with stress, anxiety and insomnia? We’d love to hear from you.
  • Helps prevent Iron deficiency (Anemia)
  • Provides Nutrition and Nutrients vital on the maternal continuum from pregnancy through postpartum and lactation
  • Helps ease morning sickness
  • Facilitates the absorption of Calcium and Phosphate
  • Boosts Fertility and Egg Quality
  • Improves Sperm quality and function
  • Prevents problems with the delivery of Sperm
  • Regulates Ovulation & Menstrual Cycle and prevents ovulation disorders
  • Prevents Fallopian tube damage

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