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Toxic-Free Living on the Go

DETOX LIVING™ is your trusted source for women’s reproductive healing resources and fasts touted by GRAMMY® winner Ashanti, “Love & Hip Hop” actress, activist and business mogul Yandy Smith-Harris, radio-hall-of-famers Angela Yee, and DJ Envy among others. Our mission is to help people optimize their health through an integrative lifestyle we have coined as DETOX LIVING™ – A LIFE FREE OF TOXIC THOUGHTS, PEOPLE, HABITS & FOODS!

Created by Fibroids Survivor turned Nutritionist Coach Gessie Thompson, the DETOX LIVING APP is an extension of the integrative wellness platform The aforementioned, was founded in partnership with Dr. Amun to help eliminate the health equity gap by educating and empowering BIPOC women and families with resources, detoxes, herbal supplements, programs, coaching and a community support system that helps heal and prevent inflammatory conditions such as fibroids, diabetes, high blood pressure, infertility, endometriosis and more. acclaimed fasts and programs have helped numerous women completely eradicate their symptoms and naturally shrink their Fibroids, reverse Endometriosis, have their miracle babies and more. Documented results include client Annalise Henry naturally eliminating an MRI-documented 50 Fibroids and client Danielle Key-Odis having two miracle babies after being unable to conceive for 12 years.

Through the DETOX LIVING App, you can:

  • Shop our proven detoxes, fasts, kits and programs.
  • Register for our free DeTox Living Weekly Group Consult or book your Private consultations with ease.
  • Access our DeTox Living Food List – live data that is always being updated to help you make the best decision in using food as your medicine!
  • Experience the Community, Accountability and Support needed to create the sustainable lifestyle of healing required to enjoy toxic-free living.

Coach Gessie is the co-host of the DETOX LIVING podcast with Angela Yee – Radio Hall of Famer. She and have been featured on ABC, Women’s Health, USA Today Weekend, and she has been a frequent guest on “The Breakfast Club” and “Roland Martin Unfiltered.”