HEALING is a REVOLUTION and it takes all of us. This is your exclusive invitation to join us in this movement as an AMBASSADOR! Once you join, you will receive your CODE, which will offer your personal customers the incentive of a special 25% discount off their first purchase, while also earning you a 10% commission on all of their purchase. Once they use your code, they are tagged as your customer on eligible future orders. Note: Commissions are not applicable on subscriptions and company sale orders.

Start generating the recurring revenue of lifetime commissions by sharing your custom code or link with your community of friends, family, and followers. You can also embed your link and provide your code on your website if you have one.  Leverage the helpful resources we provide, including content that we post on our social platforms, or on our website TheDeToxNow.com to share your recommendations. And track your progress via the app or online anywhere!

Earn 10% commission on purchases made by customers using your AMBASSADOR code or link and on all their eligible future purchaseswhether or not they use your code or link! You will also receive a personal code to order products for your own personal health journey with a 15% exclusive discount. Note: Your personal orders are not commissionable. There are no limits to the number of customers that you can refer to build your client community, so enjoy the limitless possibilities!

Lifetime Referrals

Customers are connected to you, allowing you to receive a commission on all future eligible purchases by the customer.

Affiliate Portal

Your one-stop shop interface, showing statistics such as earnings, referrals, provides referral links for different social media platforms, etc.

Marketing Assets

You will be provided with social images and videos that you can use to create content in the way you choose.