A division of parent company DETOX LIVING, THE DETOX NOW is the name of our online integrative wellness platform and our call to action inviting you to optimize your health through the holistic lifestyle we call DETOX LIVING — a LIFE FREE OF TOXIC THOUGHTS, PEOPLE, HABITS & FOODS!

Founded by Fibroids Survivor turned Nutritionist Coach Gessie Thompson in partnership with Dr. Amun, we are a black and woman-owned company working to intentionally eliminate the health equity gap by educating and empowering BIPOC women and families with resources, detoxes, herbal supplements, programs, coaching and a community support system that helps heal and prevent inflammatory conditions such as fibroids, diabetes, high blood pressure, infertility, endometriosis and more.


Founder, Nutritionist
& Health Coach


Naturopathic Specialist
& Herbalist


Integrative Women’s
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Reproductive Endocrinology
& Fertility Specialist



Coach Gessie


Coach Gessie Thompson is one of the 90% of Black Women affected by fibroids by age 50. The CEO of DETOX LIVING personally battled the epidemic for 14 years and the resulting infertility for 10 of those years to have her miracle baby Nia. Her grueling journey included 15 surgeries, five IVF cycles, a devastating miscarriage and even her heart stopping on the delivery table.

Coach Gessie’s story gained national attention when ESSENCE published her profile titled “My Fertility Journey” in the 2014 Mother’s Day issue sparking a chain reaction of transformation that included releasing her bestselling book HOPE BEYOND FIBROIDS: Stories of Miracle Babies & the Journey to Motherhood, becoming a Nutritionist & Health Coach, hosting her DETOX LIVING podcast and founding TheDeToxNow.com—an integrative online wellness provider of advocacy, detoxes, programs, nutritional counseling and coaching services on a mission to dismantle systemic racism in the health system and end inflammatory diseases such as Fibroids, Diabetes, Heart Disease and more.  She educates and empowers BIPOC women and families on how to achieve optimal health, secure equitable health services, and prevent and heal diseases holistically through what she calls DETOX LIVING—Life FREE of Toxic Thoughts, Habits, People and Definitely Foods!

From diet to stress management, her transformative programs teach lifestyle changes that have resulted in the documented cases of one woman alone eliminating up to 50 MRI documented fibroids without surgery, women having miracle babies—including one case involving 12 years of infertility—and the reversal of inflammatory disease such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and more.

Named a 2018 National Action Network “Woman of Excellence” and a 2017 Shining Star by Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, Thompson has also been recognized as a “Change Maker” for her work around Women’s Reproductive Health by The White House’s United State of Women. She was a featured panelist at the 2017 State of Black Women’s Health Congressional Briefing at the U.S. Capitol.  Thompson has shared her message at ESSENCE Festival alongside Real Housewives of Atlanta darling Cynthia Bailey, ESSENCE WELLNESS HOUSE, T. D. Jakes’ MegaFest, Circle of Sisters EXPO, the National Action Network’s inaugural Women’s Summit, the Get H.I.P.P. About Your Health Conference in the U.K. and across various media platforms including “The Breakfast Club,” Women’s HealthOffice of Women’s Health BlogUSA TODAY WEEKEND, FOXABC“The Roland Martin Unfiltered Daily Digital Show,” “HuffPost Live,” “The Tom Joyner Morning Show,” MadameNoire.com and more.

Martin Benjamin, often referred to as Dr. Amun, makes it his mission to improve lives through a clear understanding between the relationship between food and disease. After studying Medical Physiology at Kings College London. His commitment and dedication to saving lives stem from the fact that 99% of health conditions can be tied to either food, lifestyle choices, or both. Dr. Amun’s journey to healing others has taken him across the globe and allowed him to connect with some of the world’s most powerful professionals, including Coach Gessie with whom he partnered with to create TheDetoxNow.com. All of his insight and knowledge is enabling him to help those who other doctors may have written off because of the severity of their problems.

Dr. Amun

Naturopathic Specialist & Herbalist

Dr. Peggy Roberts

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Peggy Roberts is the founder of Trust Women’s Healthcare in Brooklyn, NY and also provides telehealth services for our clients requiring a completed Medical Necessity Form to use their Health Savings or Flexible Savings Account benefits in connection with our healing programs at TheDeToxNow.com. A physician  a doctoral prepared, board certified, New York licensed Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. She has spent over a decade caring for women of all ages. She has extensive experience in preventative medicine for women, high risk pregnancies, sexual medicine and aesthetics. 

Dr. Roberts’ passion and dedication to providing the utmost care to women has led her to opening her own practice, Trust Women’s Healthcare. From a thorough well woman visit to best practice aesthetic medicine, Dr. Roberts provides personalized care and complete professionalism.  

Prior to founding Trust Women’s Healthcare, Dr. Roberts holds both Bachelors and Master of Science degrees and received her training from the largest health system in the New York tri-state area. Dr. Roberts has received extensive training in obstetrics, gynecology, minimally invasive procedures and aesthetics. 

Dr. Roberts serves on the board of The Nurse Practitioner Association of New York, an active member of the Nurse Practitioner Women’s Health Association. 

In addition to caring for women, Dr. Roberts is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Hofstra University. She is regularly invited to lecture at speaking engagements and present her expert opinion to diverse media outlets.

ABOUT | The Detox

In January of 2016, Nutrition & Health Coach Gessie Thompson, and Naturopathic Doctors & Nutritionists Dr. Amsu and Dr. Amun, partnered to form the Hope Beyond Fibroids Elimination Program (HBFE).  HBFE is a proven four part transformative holistic program that leverages coaching, nutrition planning, herbal supplements and daily practices to ELIMINATE and PREVENT reproductive diseases such as Fibroids, PCOS, Infertility, Endometriosis and more.

The results have been overwhelming with women reclaiming their lives after being consumed and trapped by these diseases physically, emotionally and spiritually—some for decades. Not only are “Hope Sisters” around the world now living free of fibroids (eliminating up to 50 documented in one case alone), cramps, cysts, endometriosis and enjoying the pinnacle benefits of our program, the “Happy Period” AND their miracle babies (after battling infertility for up to 12 years). But, we have also received testimonies that many are now living free of chronic inflammatory diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Sickle Cell Anemia, Hernias, Arthritis and more!

As we approach the two-year anniversary of the program, a review of our patient case studies has revealed a common denominator amongst those unleashing their power to heal—the Detoxes that we have built into the Hope Beyond Fibroids Elimination Program for those who want to accelerate their results. 

This alerted us to the need to make these detoxes available for people not only looking to CURE the aforementioned chronic diseases, but to those on a mission to PREVENT them and transition to a healthy lifestyle.  The spark has ignited into the birth of The DeTox.

We are launching with our three signature DeToxes:

Whether your goal is PREVENTION or CURE, DeToxing is your first step to living free of inflammatory diseases such as FIBROIDS, DIABETES, HEART DISEASE, LUPUS, CANCER and so much more.

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