Going to the Gynecologist is a daunting experience and that gut wrenching feeling starts from adolescence. The thought of someone looking at your private parts and examining your body in an up-and-personal way makes many uncomfortable.

This relationship with your Gyno can start early–as young as 12 years old. Due to the intrusive nature of these examinations, many feel awkward, disconnected and uncertain as they approach their appointment.

What You Need To Know For Your Doctor Appointment

If you are about to try a new GYN or know a young woman that’s about to have her first visit, here is a list of things many women were never told that could help empower them for a healthy doctor-patient relationship:

  • Your relationship with your doctor is a partnership of two experts!

    Whenever you’re at a doctor’s appointment, remember that there are always two experts in the room. You are the expert on yourself and the physician is an expert in their field–for instance, the GYN is a reproductive health expert. Never discount the value of your expertise and the critical information that it provides. If a physician dismisses your observations and concerns communicated, they are not demonstrating proper respect and value of your voice. That is a sure sign, they are not the right one for you!
  • There is no reason to be self-conscious.

    Your GYN is very comfortable in this space and has seen every type of body. They are only looking at you through a clinical lens. Their only job is to medically analyze your body, that is it. Anything outside of that is inappropriate behavior.

  • While your appearance doesn’t matter, your hygiene does.

    Many people rush to the doctor and feel they have to look their best; but the outside is not a representation of the inside, in this case. Instead focus on making sure your private parts are cleaned properly so that they can be examined well. Avoid feminine hygiene products, and only use water and fragrance free feminine wash–scented products may mask any underlying issues you potentially have.

  • Don’t avoid an exam because you’re on your period.

    Proceed to your scheduled appointment as planned. You having your period should not hinder your doctor from doing their job. In fact, in some cases, like heavy flow or painful periods, it could help them do their job by seeing in real time what is going on with your body.

  • And lastly, pay attention the entire duration of your appointment.

    While it’s easy to find something else to do during your appointment, because you’re “not down there.” You want to really focus on what is being examined so that you can ensure that you are receiving the best care possible. If something doesn’t feel right, it likely isn’t right. It’s ok to find other support from providers or go on the hunt for a new doctor in general.

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With the right mindset and approach, doctor relationships–even the most intrusive like the GYN–can be thriving partnerships.

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